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(PSA) Jacking Swag

Jacking other people's code/ideas isn't cool, bro. Seriously, it doesn't feel great when you see things flagrantly stolen from you with no semblance of credit whatsoever. Not even an, "Oh! Guys, I saw this done in (link)'s layout, so I want to try and figure it out for myself and take complete credit for it!" and not even so much as a "LOL look what I stole from (link)".

I won't call you out directly, even though I want to. You know who you are and shame on you.
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 I am so sorry for my absence the past few months, several personal things had come up that distracted me from this but I have a bit of down time now so I should be able to pump out some stuff in the next day or two, be sure that I am still alive and this community isn't dead yet. 
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[community profile] fit is [personal profile] nude 's code and design dumping grounds. I used to post in on livejournal, but have since defected due to the general fuckery, so I'm now here.